About Us

Cannabidata is an online resource that allows laboratories to test, record, and share product information with the industry’s professionals and cannabis consumers, as well as rate and review different strains of cannabis, products, and cannabis companies. 

The site helps patients and users determine which cannabis is appropriate for their particular symptoms and then directs the patients to specific product’s locations.  Cannabidata public API operates as a hybrid of Yelp and Consumer Reports in that it uses crowdsourcing to generate reviews for consumers.

Cannabis products are tested and results displayed to the public whereby the profiles may then be cross-referenced with comprehensive patient evaluation forms so that varying sets of data are collected and made available for medical research and continued education. 

Essentially, we work to bridge the gap between the observed phenomena of the patients and consumers, the comprehension of medical providers, and the hypotheses of clinical researchers.  

Amazing advances in technology have allowed all people to take part in this grand experiment: every time a patient medicates they are generating data and Cannabidata can record it.  

Through Cannabidata patient evaluations, we analyze and search for specific widespread sets responding positively to particular potency profiles and cannabis products, in turn providing researchers support for their hypotheses and substantiating the need for certain clinical trials. 

This is our Copernican Revolution: our charge is to connect the cannabis community and convince the world of the incredible medical efficacy and potential of the cannabis plant.